The Adventures of Queenie-La Be and the Crazy Squirrel Now AvailableThe Adventures of Queenie-La Be App


Queenie La'Be and the Crazy Squirrel:

A cranky old lady suddenly awakens to find a menacing squirrel has fallen down her chimney onto her floor. Refusing to leave, he innocently entertains himself, ruining Queenie's schedule and making a mess of the house. Will Queenie have the catchers take him away?


Three ways to read this book:

  • "Play for Me" - Automatically reads & turns each page of the story for you.
  • "Read to Me" - Listen to the narrated story as words are highlighted.
  • "I can Read" - Read the book and turn the pages yourself at your own pace.

Available for the
iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®

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Crazy Squirrel